Lunch theme August 18th:  Pot Providence 

Lunch theme August 25th:  Casseroles

Birthdays:  Brynn Kelly (18th), Eathan Kelly (19th),  Sandy Blevins, John Newell (23rd)  

Anniversaries: Joe & Kat Hebert (15th) 

Awana registration is open Aug. 21st & 25th!   Find Catherine if you miss her at the table.  Awana starts August 28th!!!!!!!!

You can pick up an updated phone number for John Newell to change in your SBC directory out in the foyer. 

Be sure you get a copy of Riley’s University of Arkansas address out in the foyer!

The t-shirt order will be open through August 25th for those who want one. The cost is $6.82 with 2XL being $7.82 and 3XL being $8.82.  The shirt will be aqua in color and have the winning design on the front and the SBC "Learn it to Live it" logo on the back.  Sign the list in the foyer if you want to order one.